If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then I urge you to keep reading because finally you’re about to discover a “secret weapon” that I’ve been using …

Now, allow me a few seconds to introduce myself and explain to you why and how I created this amazing plug-in.

My name is Edgar Gonzalez and I designed this WordPress plugin.


That’s Me.

I own many blogs in different niches and a problem I was having when promoting an affiliate offer was that once the visitor clicked an offer, the visitor left my site and I had a 50/50 chance the offer would convert.

Basically, like you, I fully understand my needs when it comes to my marketing goals and efforts. I wanted to increase my chances of earning my commission every time.

Over a couple of months I’ve learned an important concept that led me to develop the life-saving WordPress plug-in you’re about to get access to…


So once your visitor clicks on your affiliate offer, that sales page has normally 8 seconds or less to build desire and the conviction that leads them to the point of taking action.

The majority of affiliate networks prefer CPA offers. To put it simply, in CPA (Cost-Per-Action) the merchant pays the affiliate webmaster (YOU) only when a visitor clicks your link AND subsequently performs some desired action that benefits the merchant. This may be buying a product, a registration, a download, booking a hotel, etc. CPA offers tend to have higher payouts/commissions and is why we want to generate a lead.

So, How Can This Plugin Easily Help You Cash In Fast?

Glad you asked, you see after spending years searching for ways to increase my websites income, I decided to build my own product that will increase my commissions.


You can Install This Plugin On Any WordPress Website And Increase Your Revenue In Minutes.


Multiple URL plug-in will boost your current affiliate commissions without any additional work or traffic.

With this awesome plugin when a visitor clicks on the Multiple URL, it will display an additional offer(s) in a separate window tab thus increasing your chance for revenue.

Now you have the opportunity to Make More Money with what you already have.


Instant Download – Even at 3am – 100% Guarantee!

For example, let’s say you’re promoting a weight loss product. When the visitor clicks on your Multiple URL, it will instantly open several new browser window with your Other offers.

So, if your visitor is not interested in your first offer and closes there browser window, your second offer will appear and give you another chance to earn a commission.

This works better than a Pop-up because you don’t have to worry about Pop-up Blockers. Our plug-in is designed to open new windows in new tabs instead.


With our Multiple URL plugin you don’t have to worry about any of the above. You have full control of your editable URLs.

This simple to install plug in literally adds another layer of monetization to any of your WordPress sites, regardless of the niche.


On a Sports Niche site I will write a post about an upcoming event and urge my readers to purchase there tickets before the event sells out.

When my readers will click to buy there tickets I set the Multiple URL to instantly open the Ticket website PLUS a Hotel offer.

Now I will make a commission from selling tickets, but also get a commission from hotel bookings.

And my readers Love it because I made it easy for them by providing a related offer.

The majority of people who purchase an event ticket will most likely need a hotel too. I know I do when I go to Las Vegas for a boxing fight, I need to book a hotel too since I don’t live near by.

By offering related products, you don’t come off as a spammer. Instead you’re providing value plus making money at the same time.


If you have a food niche site, you can set your Multiple URL to open an Amazon kitchen appliance and a Click Bank Recipe ebook on a new tab.

Not only are you increasing your chances of generating a Click Bank lead but you also stuff an Amazon cookie. So if they visitor happens to buy anything from Amazon, you will get a percentage of that sale too.

Let’s say you have a Forex Trading website and you’re promoting a forex broker, now when the visitor clicks on the Multiple URL link, you can set the URL to open several Forex broker offers. So in case one offer was not appealing to your reader, they will be presented with another offer increasing your chances of getting a commission if they join your offers and at the same time your readers are happy as they can compare different brokers without searching for them.

You can use our Multiple URL plugin in many ways to profit from.

Want more examples?

You can also use the Multiple URL to open an email subscription page, this will increase your opt-in & conversion rates.

I know your head is spinning with ways to use our plug-in.

The bottom line is that today you’re about to get access to this plugin and use it to dramatically improve your business in a way you’d never imagined.


Add To Cart – Only $9.95

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Please Note: This Offer Is Limited

We reserve the right to increase the price so if you don’t buy now and you come back later, you may find the price has gone up. Take action now and get our Plugin. Don’t forget I’m backing this with a full 60 day money-back guarantee.





Edgar Gonzalez

P.S.: You may have noticed that there are no “bonuses” in this offer… here’s why: Frankly, there is no need to offer any skimpy and over-rated bonus items to puff-up this offer… Multiple URL plugin is already an outstanding product and the price is so low that anyone interested should see the value.